Oxytarm™ - A sensational medium for the intestine

This is Why Oxytarm™ Works
Fleawort Seeds and other fibre products only push the stool out through the middle of the constipated colon. Oxytarm™ also removes the hard stool masses that have been deposited on the walls of the intestines. Using Oxytarm™ you will have a normal and regular intestinal activity.

Oxytarm™ contains Gaia Pharma's own special design OxyGen™. In this product ozone, oxygen and magnesium are tied together in a unique crystal grid matrix and when the tablet reaches the stomach, the gastric acids together with the vitamin C and bioflavonoides will break down the constraints in the crystal structure and oxygen, ozone and magnesium is released.

The active ingredients detoxify, disinfect, clean, heal and strengthen the digestive organs. The mucoid plaque on the colon walls is softened and bacteria, fungus and virus are killed. Oxygen attacks the "bad" bacteria and contributes to the removal of plaque. When the softened, almost liquid plaque is loosened from the colon wall the magnesium helps the stool masses to move down the colon. Magnesium provides a mild and reliable colon cleansing effect that helps the colon's ability to drain completely.

Oxytarm™and Fibromyalgia
Oxytarm™ had good results in a pilot study conducted on persons with fibromyalgia. After approximately 8 weeks the participators in the study experienced an improvement of 33% in their general state of health and a more than 20% reduction in the pains connected to the disease. After 16 weeks the improvement in the general health had increased to 35% and the participators experienced a 20% decrease of the pain.

Active ingredients: OxyGen™ (magnesium, Vitamin C and bioflavonoides)
Additives: Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, vegetable oil from the cotton plant, HPMC and stearic acid.
Packaging: 150 tablets for 40.00 (plus 2.95 P&P;)
Dosage: Up to 4 tablets daily for 15 days, then the dosage can be adjusted according to need
Precaution: Diarrhea that lasts longer than one week must be examined in order to establish the cause. In many cases it is caused by intolerance to particular foodstuff or allergies.
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